Resident Didactics & OLEMPICS Competition

Please join us for the 3rd EM RESIDENT OL”EM”PICS COMPETITION at TCEP CONNECT 2022!

Address200 Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Resident teams from each EM training program in Texas will be competing for the GOLD! All participants must register for the resident portion of the conference, and each program must complete the form below. Registered residents will be able to attend all of Day 2 of the conference – Saturday, April 23 – with faculty and includes multiple shorter high yield lectures pertinent to the practice of emergency medicine.
*Please note, for any residents who want to attend the Friday programming as well, you will have to pay the resident rate twice for both days.

The Ol-EM-pics will be an amazing opportunity for EM residents to team build, strengthen leadership skills, learn about the business of EM and most importantly network and have tons of FUN! The format will be several “competitions” ranging from scavenger hunts, to case-based simulation competitions as well as some physical team Building races and competitions. Each residency team can only have EIGHT residents at each individual competition, but if more than eight residents attend they may all rotate into the competitions to help their residency compete.  

Teams that dress creatively will receive extra points! The competition will be all day, Saturday, April 23 beginning at 8:00am, immediately followed by an awards ceremony in the Exhibit Hall at 4:30pm. Residency programs need a minimum of eight residents from their program to participate and will receive more detailed information at a later date. 

In an effort to maintain fairness for all the residents who are working hard, we would not want any team to have an advantage; therefore all participants competing in the Ol-EM-pics competitions can not have participated in Ol-EM-pics events in previous years. 

Costumes/group shirts encouraged! Points for most creative shirts/costumes, but must be able to run, crawl, carry heavy things, etc; wear something to do athletic events in. Click here to view photos from last year for ideas. 
   * Need to wear running/athletic shoes.
   * Need to have baseline athletic abilities.
   * Bandanas provided (different color per team).
   * Minimum number of residents needed per team is 6, but 8 is preferred.
        * Teams will be split if too large, or can be filled in if too small.


We greatly appreciate our Ol-EM-pics Title Sponsor:

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