Committee FAQ

1. How and when can I join a TCEP Committee?

Click on Register for a Committee and complete the Committee Form or look for Committee Interest Form in the Annual Meeting Program Materials.  The best time to volunteer for a TCEP Committee is during the TCEP Annual Meeting or by May 31st.

2. Once on a committee, am I automatically a committee member for as long as I want without having to apply again?

It is necessary to submit a Committee Interest Form each year.

3. What if the committee does not work on the issues that I feel are the most important?

Committees will make every effort to consider and discuss all issues, but the majority of the Committee decides what actions to propose to the Board.

4. Is there a limit to the number of committees I can serve on?

It is recommended that a member not serve on more than three committees.

5. How can I be involved in an ACEP Committee?  How about a TMA Committee?

Click ACEP or the TMA links for more information on volunteering for a committee.