Dr. Diana Fite Installed as 155th President of TMA

Dr. Arlo Weltge re-elected as TMA's Speaker of the House

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Dr. Robert Emmick and                  Virtual installation due to
Dr. Dawn Buckingham                    COVID-19 distancing

Dr. Arlo Weltge re-elected              TCEP Executive Director,                Dr. Diana Fite installed as
as TMA Speaker of the House      Beth Brooks, CAE                            TMA's 155th President


Dr. Arlo Weltge, TMA Speaker of the House                         Dr. Diana Fite and Dr. Robert Emmick
Dr. Diana Fite, 155th President of TMA

Dr. Diana Fite with Senator Dawn Buckingham                 Michelle Berger, MD - TMA secretary/treasurer
                                                                                                   Diana L. Fite, MD - TMA President
                                                                                                   E. Linda Villarreal, MD - TMA president-elect


6:15 Dr. Diana Fite introduced
8:50 Dr. Fite's Oath of Office
10:00 Dr. Fite's Installment Speech