Medical Student Track at TCEP CONNECT 2020

The Medical Student Track at TCEP CONNECT will take place on Saturday, April 4, 2020. This track will include a didactic series as well as a SONOWARS competition between the different Texas Medical Schools!  

 Program Overview:








EverWalk with a Doc / Run / Yoga



Breakfast Session

Vapotherm - Mask Free NIV


Introduction for Student Track

J. Scott Wieters
Hilary Fairbrother


Is EM Good for Me?
Staying Well in School
Preparing for Success. M1-M3 Years

Radosveta Wells
Gregory Patek


Perfecting Presentations
Top 3 Qualities of a Student who Honors a Clerkship
Three Strikes and You're Out. Pitfalls that Prevent Success.

Katie Fisher
Tori Klovenski
Justin Holmes
Pratiksha Naik


Break catch up

J. Scott Wieters
Hilary Fairbrother


SLOE it Down. Breaking Down the SLOE.
4 Letter Words: STEP, VSAS, ERAS, %&*!
Factfulness - Dispelling Rumors with Match Data
Dressed for Success

Todd Berger
Navdeep Sekhon
Thomas McLaughlin
Alainya Tomanec
J. Scott Wieters
Hilary Fairbrother


Break catch up 

J. Scott Wieters
Hilary Fairbrother


PD Panel

Trey Morris
Dorian Drigalla
Todd Berger
Radosveta Wells


Business Meeting / Medical Student
Board Representative Voting



Speed Networking Luncheon with
Residency Program Directors



SONOWARS Competition

Lynn Roppolo
Michael Benham


Student Networking Mixer




This year, in place of a SIM competition, TCEP Connect will be hosting SONOWARS on April 4th at the conference! The deadline to sign up via the form below is March 1st:

Please see the information below From Dr. Roppolo:

TCEP will be hosting its first medical student SONOWARS competition at our annual TCEP CONNECT 2020 Meeting on Saturday, April 4 from 2-4pm. Students do not need significant ultrasound experience prior to the competition as we know this may not be available to some students. We will be providing participating teams some material to review beforehand to assist them with the identification of some structures on ultrasound but the competitions will most likely be equally challenging for those with prior ultrasound experience. The questions for the competitions will mostly be related to information that all medical students at the MSI and MSII level should know.

Only one team from each medical school can participate, however, different students from the SAME school can participate in subsequent competitions if the students more to the next round. There will be four rounds: all teams will participate in round I which will be a group quiz; the top eight teams will move on to compete in round II; the top 4 teams will move on to compete in round III; and finally, the top 2 teams will move on to the final round. Prizes will be given to the top 2 teams.

Each team can have no more than five students and only one of these students on the team can be at the MSIII or MSIV level. If all teams do not have one MSIII or MSIV, then the teams will only consist of MSIs and MSIIs. For the hands on competitions, students will be judged both on arriving at the correct answer and the time it took to arrive a the correct answer. We do request that each team compete in a tasteful costume of their choice for SONOWARS. Examples of previous costumes used in ultrasound competitions include characters from a Marvel movie, bottles of ultrasound gel, zombies, etc.

If you are interested in participating, please complete the form below BY MARCH 1.

For questions, please email Dr. Lynn Roppolo at [email protected]