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TCEP Legislative Update - September 2020

Theresa Q. Tran, M.D., M.B.A.
Chair, TCEP Government Relations Committee

Hello TCEP members:

As we’ve mentioned in some of our most recent newsletters, TCEP is engaged in a new advocacy campaign to raise awareness statewide about the critical services provided by you, our members. As part of this campaign, we are launching a new initiative this month specifically for you, our member physicians, and your colleagues.

We hope you will remain engaged with us throughout the month of September as we share updates highlighting some of the many benefits offered to you as our members, as well as the continued policy and outreach work we are doing.

Our most recent campaign has been so important because we place such a priority on protecting your jobs and ensuring volumes in your facilities remain steady. This type of advocacy work, which is aimed at protecting patients and the professional interests of our members, is one of the most important benefits of membership – and one of the most important responsibilities we undertake as an organization.

TCEP serves as a champion for the emergency medicine profession and is an active force working on important issues that affect emergency care. From the State Capitol to homes and communities large and small, we ensure Texans know their emergency care workers are critical to our state’s safety and health.

And our most powerful voices are you, our members. TCEP empowers our members to come together and speak collectively to define the industry and control the narrative, creating a wave of momentum that lifts all.

Our advocacy work is more critical now than ever before, given our next legislative session is rapidly approaching. As we look to the months ahead, we know the work begins now. And so we are already preparing a legislative agenda that will put our members and our issues in front of lawmakers – and leave no doubt that emergency care physicians must remain a priority. Currently, the issues we are working on include:

Surprise billing: TCEP will lead the charge against unfair reimbursement practices, working on behalf of patients and physicians to protect Texans from financial ruin in medical emergencies; and

Tort law: TCEP will strongly advocate for maintaining current tort protections for physicians and patients.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and the legislative session will surely be conducted with unprecedented protocols in place, TCEP has adjusted our advocacy efforts. Historically, we have had constant contact with lawmakers through face-to-face meetings, which have not been possible for 7 months. COVID hasn’t caused us to skip a beat. With innovation, technology and simple determination, we’ve maintained these relationships through virtual channels and will continue to do so throughout session.

Our legislative team is ready for Day 1 of session, and will be informing policy makers with real-life stories and recommendations from the front lines of emergency health care.

But even before session’s first gavel and roll call, our team is preparing policy and information; refining strategy and messaging; and maintaining ongoing engagement with officials.

Because our commitment to our members never ends, and so neither does the work advocating on your behalf.

Thank you for taking some time today, and please keep an eye on social media as we continue to roll out important messages regarding our advocacy. Your membership is incredibly valuable, and we look forward to continuing our work giving you a voice and advocating for all that you do. 

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]