Here's an update on what TCEP has done this past year:

Congratulations to TCEP's new Executive Committee!

And to our newly-elected Board members:

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TCEP Legislative Update - June 2021

I am glad the legislative session is over. This year, the uncertainty that you faced on the front lines was paralleled on the legislative front. As I reflect on our work to combat unfavorable events during the past legislative cycle (from June 2019-June 2021) ...  Read more


ACEP Regs and Eggs Blog

Jeffrey Davis
Director of Regulatory Affairs at ACEP

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Dr. Sarmed (Sam) Ashoo, MD, FACEP of the FL ACEP chapter publishes this weekly newsletter. He has given us permission to share on our website with our TX members.

President's Message
June 2021:

Newly Elected TCEP President, Dr. Craig Meek

TCEP President, Craig Meek, MD, FACEP